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YOLOv7 YOLOv8: Deep Learning – Computer Vision 2023

YOLO evolution, Train Custom Dataset, Object Detection, Pose Estimation, Instance Segmentation, Image Classification

Welcome to the YOLOv7 YOLOv8: Deep Learning for Computer Vision Course 2023, a 2 COURSES IN 1. YOLOv7 and YOLOv8 are the current two best object detection deep learning models. They are fast and very accurate. YOLOv7 is also the latest official version of YOLO whereas YOLOv8 is the newest YOLO version of all.

What you’ll learn

  • How to run, from scratch, a YOLOv7 program to detect 80 object classes in < 10 minutes
  • How to install and train YOLOv7 & YOLOv8 using your own Custom Dataset and perform Object Detection for image, video and Real-Time using Webcam/Camera
  • How to use YOLOv7 & YOLOv8 new features: Instance Segmentation, Pose Estimation, Image Classification, Object Tracking + Real-world Projects
  • 4 Real-World Projects: Masker Detection, Weather Image/Video Classification, Coffee Leaf
  • Diseases Segmentation Squat Counter
  • YOLOv7 architecture and how it really works
  • How to find dataset
  • Data annotation/labeling using LabelImg
  • Automatic Dataset splitting
  • How to train YOLOv7 & YOLOv8 using custom dataset, transfer learning and resume training.
  • How to visualize training performance using TensorBoard
  • Easily understand The Fundametal Theory of Deep Learning and How exactly Convolutional Neural Networks Work
  • Real-World Project #1: Masker detection using YOLOv7 & YOLOv8
  • Real-World Project #2: Weather Image/Video Classification using YOLOv8
  • Real-World Project #3: Coffee Leaf Diseases Segmentation using YOLOv8
  • Real-World Project #4: Squat Counter based on YOLOv7 Pose Estimation

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