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Windbg – A complete guide for Advanced Windows Debugging

This course has everything you need to master Windbg as well as, debugging and reverse engineering Windows OS using it.

Have you ever felt your windows operating system is hung or becoming slow or having a BSOD? Or an application crash or application hang or slow on windows? Have you had to press the restart button of your PC or the windows server to get rid of the problem and had no clue when that issue will happen again? Or you’re asked to analyse a memory dump of a compromised system for isolating a malware?. If that bothers you, this training is all about root causing and solving such complicated issues once and for all, among many other topics it covers.

Windbg is the single most powerful, debugging and reverse engineering tool in windows platform. Windbg is like an x-ray plus mri plus ct scan for programs running on windows operating system, including the operating system itself. It helps us to root cause complicated problems like we discussed in windows ( OS ) and programs running inside the operating system.

Just like the name implies this training has all the details which you need to master windbg. I have spent all my efforts to make sure this is the best and most complete windbg training available right now and I will keep adding topics to make sure that the statement is true in the future as well.

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What you’ll learn

  • Advanced Windows Debugging
  • Windbg
  • Windows internals
  • Dump Analysis
  • Post-mortem debugging
  • Core dump analysis in windows
  • Debugging system crash
  • Debugging BSOD
  • Debugging process hang
  • Debebugging system hang
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Malware Analysis
  • Debugging Slow Systems
  • Debugging Slow Applications
  • Windows Usermode internals
  • Windows Kernel mode internals

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