Webpack 5 Ninja (2023) - Build Micro frontend and web apps Udemy Coupons

Webpack 5 Ninja (2023) – Build Micro frontend and web apps Course

Webpack 5 (2023). Basics to Advanced concepts like loaders, plugins, Module Federation, build production apps (React App)

Webpack 5 Ninja – Build Nodejs and Web apps complete guide, from scratch to production. Webpack is one of the most essential tools for all web applications. This is going to be a very hands-on course; we are going to cover the basics concepts to some of the advanced concepts of Webpack 5 and see how we can use this tool to optimize a web application.

We are not only going to go over the concepts, but also take a real website I have created for this Webpack 5 Ninja (2023) – Build Micro frontend and web apps Course course and apply all our understanding to this course website. We shall apply core concepts such as Loaders to load CSS / Images and more, and Plugins to automate lots of stuff, then we shall see how we can tweak configurations specific to both the development and production environment.

I have also included a bonus section wherein we will create a React application from scratch without the use of the “create react app” utility. This will give a solid understanding of all the concepts and what happens behind the scenes.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand and implement Webpack 5 basics.
  • Learn basics of Micro Frontends
  • Build and package Web and Nodejs Application
  • Learn about optimizing builds using techniques like Tree shaking, multiple bundles, caching and more.
  • Full guide using a sample project.

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