WebdriverIO Complete E2E Framework from Scratch(Web+API+DB.)

WebdriverIO Complete E2E Framework from Scratch(Web+API+DB.)

Practical guide using Selenium JavaScript or Node.js with WebdriverIO + Cucumber + TypeScript + API + DB + Allure + Git

This course is designed such a way that anyone who wants to learn or implement Node.js based E2E test framework in their current role as a QA engineer or Automation tester can build it from scratch.

What’s unique about this course?

  • Built completely based on REAL TIME PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION & WORKING EXPERIENCE for automating E2E tests
  • Integrated framework with Web + API + DB + File handling and more with page object design pattern
  • Using this framework one can confidently build an E2E test framework from ground zero
  • Uses Async mode which has LONG TERM SUPPORT
  • Cucumber(BDD), Cross-browser testing and GitHub Actions and more
  • Logger and global reporter that makes easier to debug and fix tests and produce accurate test report
  • Tips and tricks to overcome different project implementation challenges

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What you’ll learn

  • Build an integrated test automation framework(Web, API, DB and More) from scratch
  • Automate E2E tests – not just web
  • Page object model design pattern
  • Integrate Cucumber, API, Git and GitHub Actions
  • Best practices in automating E2E tests
  • Customise WDIO runner with test scope like smoke & regression. Run mode (foreground or background) and log level
  • Advanced web interactions such as web table and scrolling
  • Add additional browser options such as SSL, headless mode, window size..etc
  • Error handling, debugging and REPL
  • Manage different environments
  • Set up logger
  • Build a global reporter
  • Run tests in GitHub Actions
  • Real time use cases and automation approach

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