WebDev: Cool Parts with HTML5, JavaScript ES6 & CryptoJS

WebDev: Cool Parts with HTML5, JavaScript ES6 & CryptoJS

Start using cool & exciting features that come from HTML5, JavaScript ES6 and CryptoJS

In this course you will explore the newest improvements that have been added to web developer’s toolkit. Topics will cover:

  • Storage API – allows you to store an entire website on your browser for offline browsing
  • WebWorkers – give background process that allows the main website window to stay responsive even when completing a long running task
  • WebSocket-used to build a real-time communication system that runs on JavaScript and C#
  • SpiderMonkey js Command-allows running JavaScript on desktops without browsers
  • ECMAScript 6 Features added to JavaScript to make it more powerful with such features as objected oriented programming using the “class” keyword
  • Cryptography used to encode and decode secret messages

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What you’ll learn

  • Turn JSON into C# classes with Visual Studio 2015
  • Student will work with CryptoJS from Google
  • Develop WebSocket Client and Server
  • Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript with Inheritance
  • ES6 – Classes, Objects, Methods, Setters & Getters
  • Work with localStorate & sessionStorage
  • Work with WebRTC – Real-Time Communication
  • WebCam Streaming to Web Page
  • Use of SpiderMonkey js Command
  • ES6 – Computed Property Names
  • Goes to Zero Operator –>
  • Cryptography AES encrypt / decrypt
  • Computing MD5 Hash
  • Two C# Projects
  • Work with IIS & hosts file
  • JSON
  • ECMAScript 6: String Interpolation
  • ECMAScript 6: Arrow Functions =>
  • ECMAScript 6: Extended Parameter Handling
  • ECMAScript 6: Destructuring Assignments & Poperty Shorthand
  • Generators & Iterators ( Functions )

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