Web Typography for Designers & Developers

Web Typography for Designers & Developers

Master the most essential building block of any applications design and development

Typography is the most important, foundational building block of all websites making up 95% of everything we see online. Despite been so crucial to getting an application right very few designers and developers learn to master web typography.

If you’re working on a web application, you’re making decisions about typography that will effect the branding, style, usability and user experience of you application. You’re already making these decisions but are you aware of their impact. Typography can have enough personality that we don’t need any other visuals. Typography can give life to a dull block of text and it can make it easier or harder for our user to read. If we get the typography right it can make or break the application.

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What you’ll learn

  • History of Typography
  • Anatomy of Typography
  • How to Select a Typeface
  • How to Pair Complimentary Typefaces
  • Optimising for readability
  • Designing a Typographic System
  • Styling and Formating
  • Conditionally importing font files without blocking
  • Setting up fallback fonts
  • Make typography respond to different screen sizes
  • How to work with variable fonts

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