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*UPDATED* Web Development Secrets 2023 – CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC Course

Understand the Critical Rendering Path, AJAX, HTTP and how to fetch data from a server. Novice to pro in easy steps.

In this *UPDATED* Web Development Secrets 2023 – CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC course you’ll learn about the Critical Rendering Path. This refers to the set of steps browsers must take to fetch and then convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into living, breathing websites. From there, you’ll start exploring and experimenting with tools to measure performance. You’ll learn simple, yet very powerful strategies to deliver the first pixels to the screen as early as possible.

Knowledge of the CRP is incredibly useful for understanding how a site’s performance can be improved. There are various stages to the CRP, such as constructing the DOM, constructing the CSSOM, running JavaScript, creating the Render Tree, generating the Layout and finally Painting pixels to the screen. As you can see, this covers a whole bunch of interesting material.

By the end of this Web Development Secrets 2023 – CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC course, you’ll be able to “speak” CRP by gaining an understanding of how to fetch data from a server and then get that data to your user as quickly as possible. We dig deeper in every lecture, learning about things like HTTP, TCP, data packets, render blocking resources, and a whole bunch more! This course has many bonus lectures which extend your knowledge base and test your skills.

Through practical examples, this course helps you understand the CRP piece by piece. And we use the latest and best features of JavaScript and browsers (like the new Fetch API) along the way so you can stay ahead of the pack.

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What you’ll learn

  • 128+ lectures and 7.5+ hours of well-structured content
  • Understand the DOM, CSSOM, Render Tree and Layout
  • Master HTTP, HTTP/2 and AJAX
  • Learn how to optimize any website for speed by writing better code
  • Learn where to write your JavaScript for optimized performance (we take an advanced look at async, preload, defer, etc.)
  • Understand the Network Panel, Performance Panel and Audit Lighthouse functions within DevTools
  • Understand HTTP, TCP, Data Packets and a whole bunch more!
  • Real examples of how AJAX works (we use both the XML Http Request object and the newer Fetch API)
  • Master the Critical Rendering Path
  • Understand what are Render Blocking Resources and how we solve this problem
  • Skills that will help you to apply for jobs like Web Developer, Front End Developer, JavaScript Developer, and Full Stack Developer

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