VanillaCartJS - ES6 JavaScript Shopping Cart

VanillaCartJS – ES6 JavaScript Shopping Cart Course

Create A Real World Shopping Cart Project And Learn JavaScript ES6 Along The Way

This course it’s not about creating ultra king size e-commerce solution. It’s about creating real world project with business ready attitude. All products in this project come directly from HTML code. There’s no database or any back-end code. If you want to add new product just copy-paste piece of HTML code.

What you’ll learn

  • Writing more bug free code with strict mode
  • Declaring functions including arrow functions
  • Using JavaScript code inside a string with template strings
  • Creating array of objects to store cart items
  • Using forEach and filter array methods
  • Getting elements from the DOM by querySelector and querySelectorAll methods
  • Storing cart items in browser localStorage
  • Adding, removing and getting items from an array
  • Using if statements and inline shorthand
  • Declaring variables using const and let keywords
  • Adding and removing classes in HTML elements
  • Delaying actions with setTimeout function
  • Inserting new HTML code to the DOM
  • Catching click events by addEventListener method
  • Removing elements from the DOM
  • Adding/removing class names and attributes in DOM elements
  • Using following operators: ++, –, +=, ===, !==, ||, >, <
  • Stringifying array to JSON format
  • Code refactoring
  • Submiting HTML forms remotely
  • Using PayPal as a checkout method

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