Unreal Engine 5: Making Mario

Deal Score+4
Deal Score+4
Unreal Engine 5: Making Mario

Unreal Engine 5: Making Mario Course

Love Mario, Meat Boy, or classic Metroid? Learn to use Unreal Engine as we create a side scrolling platformer.

Created by Greg Wondra with 12.5 hours on-demand video courses

Course Description

In this game design course, I will be guiding you step by step through the creation of a side scrolling platformer game (akin to the classic “Mario” games) using Unreal Engine: THE premier free to download gaming engine! (AND the SAME engine used to build the smash hit “Fortnite.”)

This course contains over 75+ fun to follow video lessons (follow along in sequence). Things learned in this course include:

  • How to setup and create a project in Unreal Engine
  • How to construct a 2D level using 3D objects
  • How to setup a side scrolling camera
  • How to setup a character’s movement mechanics
  • How to create interactive objects using Blueprint Scripting
  • How to create powerups and special player abilities
  • How to implement simple enemy AI
  • How to create a checkpoint system
  • How to respawn a player
  • How to create a working HUD
  • How to create interactive menus
  • How to create a dynamic way of implementing “Level Settings” (making things like customizing music and time limits per level a cinch!)
  • How to architecture a gaming project inside Unreal’s Project Settings

With the knowledge gained in these video lessons, you will be armed with the necessary skills to start building your OWN gaming creations (WITHOUT any programming knowledge needed!)

What you’ll learn in Unreal Engine 5 Course

  • How to setup a project in Unreal
  • How to create and layout a sidescroller level in Unreal
  • How to script interactive gameplay elements utilizing Unreal Engine 5’s Blueprint Scripting tools
  • How to add menus and in-game HUD to a gaming experience
  • How to create a COMPLETE gaming experience from scratch!

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Who this Unreal Engine 5 course is for:

  • Complete beginners looking to get started creating games using Unreal
  • Parents, Homeschoolers, Teachers or Professors looking to introduce their child / student to game development
  • Any novice or even professional game developer looking to expand your Unreal Engine knowledge

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