Unity 3D Game Kit Introduction - Make Games Without Coding

Unity 3D Game Kit Introduction – Make Games Without Coding

Learn the tools to design and build a video game level. No programming needed. Great way to learn the Unity Engine.

Want to make a game but aren’t yet ready to learn programming? Unity 3D Game Kit is the answer. Both the Unity Engine and the Game Kit plug-in are completely free to download and start using to build your game development skills.

This course is an introduction course. It is intended to be just a couple of hours in length and get you up and running as efficiently as possible. This course is taught using Unity 2019.1 and is backwards compatible to Unity 2018.3 and later.

This Unity 3D Game Kit from comes cram packed with beautiful graphics, easy-to-use design tools and plenty of creative freedom to flex your level designer muscles. Its a perfect place to learn Unity without needing to wrestle with learning a programming language. Its perfect for someone interested in being a game designer or level designer without needing to worry about building an entire game in order to create fun designs.

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What you’ll learn

  • Unity 3D Game Kit – a powerful tool that requires no programming
  • How to build an action adventure level with triggers that open doors, moving platforms, enemies, hazards, and more
  • How to use the Unity engine, including understanding the relationship between the hierarchy, game assets and inspector
  • How to build a level from scratch with a handful of useful level design strategies

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