Ultimate CKAD | Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Ultimate CKAD | Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Do you want CKAD certification? Do you want to be a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer? This course is for you!

New CKAD Course (Just Released )..!!! This is a new CKAD course designed with the latest CKAD curriculum. To know WHY this is one of the best CKAD courses, please take a minute to compare this with other courses on the internet. Kubernetes has grown into one of the most trusted and reliable Container Orchestrators within a short time. And, the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, in short, CKAD Certification, is one of the top certifications in the DevOps space.

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What you’ll learn

  • 360 DEGREE PREPARATION – My ultimate goal is to help you prepare every individual topic thoroughly, including Demos, Practice Test, and more. For that, I followed 360 degree approach
  • EASY-FIRST-STRATEGY: Learn “Easy-First-Strategy” to solve the tasks efficiently in the CKAD Exam. It will help you divide and allocate the CKAD exam time in the best way possible
  • BOOKMARKS: Ready to download and use CKAD Bookmarks. This alone will save you days’ worth of your “time” during prep and will be your “saviour” during the CKAD exam
  • CKAD PREP TRACKER: To pass the CKAD Exam, we need to be strong in about 40 topics. It won’t be easy to track these without having a tracker. This course comes with CKAD Tracker
  • MY TOP 25 TIPS TO SCORE 100% – Passing CKAD Exam Involves more than prep. These 25 Tips Include 12 TIPs “before” the exam and 13 TIPs “during” the exam. No further Googling
  • CKAD EXAM RESOURCES: You “don’t need” additional prep materials. This course comes with “all” the resources, plan, cheat sheets, tips, and more to help pass your CKAD exam
  • CONTINOUS UPDATE: Kubernetes is going to be here. And this course too!. I will ensure this course gets relevant updates “every quarter” and be the “#1 CKAD Prep Course”
  • LAST: Once you complete the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to pass the CKAD exam
  • AND the skills to be great Kubernetes Admin and the good pay

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