The iOS Development Animations Course - Swift 5 & Xcode 10

The iOS Development Animations Course – Swift 5 & Xcode 10

Master Quartz Core, Core Animation, Core Graphics, KeyFrames, and Animated NSLayoutConstraints in PURE code.

Learn everything from basic Swift coding to advanced Core Animation in this course complete with updates, source code access, and additional learning resources to guide you to becoming a mobile iPhone x developer. this course will finally fill in your animation skill gap through video content. Maxcodes, your instructor, will teach you everything animations in Swift 5.2 & Xcode 10. You will not only learn commonly used animations in Swift & Xcode, but you will also learn advanced topics such as CAGradientLayer animations, programmatic NSLayoutConstraint animations, and even CABasicAnimations for specific animation keys such as shimmerKey to integrate animations you see on top tier apps like Facebook.

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What you’ll learn

  • High Market Value Animations as Seen in Apps Like Snapchat.
  • Complete Source Code Included – Commit Link Access on Each Lecture.
  • Build a Drag to Refresh Animation with CAShapeLayer, UIBezierPath, and CADisplayLink.
  • Build and Animate Programmatic Auto Layouts with NSLayoutConstraint.
  • Build Custom Subclasses with Built In Animations.
  • Every Basic AND Advanced Animation Topic in Swift 5.2 & Xcode 10.2

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