The Git & Github Bootcamp

The Git & GitHub Bootcamp Course

Master the essentials and the tricky bits: rebasing, squashing, stashing, reflogs, blobs, trees, & more!

The following sentence is annoying, but also true: the best time to learn Git was yesterday. Fortunately, the second-best time is today! Git is an essential tool for work in any code-related field, from data science to game development to machine learning. This The Git & GitHub Bootcamp course covers everything you need to know to start using Git and GitHub in the real-world today!

The course’s 20+ sections are broken down into four separate units:

  • Git Essentials
  • Next Level Git
  • GitHub & Collaboration
  • The Tricky Bits

We start off with Git Essentials. The goal of this unit is to give you all the essential Git tools you need for daily use. We start off talking about version control software, what it is, why it matters, and the history of Git. Then we install Git and run through the Unix commands you’ll need to work with Git (you can skip this if you’re already familiar). The bulk of this unit is focused on teaching the core Git mechanics like committing and branching and the associated concepts: the working directory, the repository, the staging area, etc. We cover Git commands including: git init, git add, git commit, git status, git log, git branch, and git merge. We end with a detailed look at branching, merging, and resolving conflicts.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand how Git works behind the scenes.
  • Explain the difference Git objects: trees, blobs, commits, and annotated tags.
  • Master the essential Git workflow: adding & committing.
  • Work with Git branches
  • Perform Git merges and resolve merge conflicts.
  • Use Git diff to reveal changes over time.
  • Master Git stashing
  • Undo changes using git restore, git revert, and git reset.
  • Work with local and remote repositories
  • Master collaboration workflows: pull requests, “fork & clone”, etc.
  • Squash, clean up, and rewrite history using interactive rebase.
  • Retrieve “lost” work using git reflogs
  • Write custom and powerful Git aliases.
  • Mark releases and versions using Git tags.
  • Host static websites using GitHub Pages
  • Create markdown READMEs.
  • Share code and snippets using GitHub Gists

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