The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6

The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6

This is the Most Comprehensive JS course on the market! Covers ES6, OOP, Hoisting, Closures, and more!

This The Complete Modern Javascript Course follows a robust structure and a result driven approach based on “learning by doing” which helped our students secure web development jobs in the past. It is the most Comprehensive JavaScript Course in the Market. With 21 highly structured sections distributed over 31 hours of content and 254 lectures, including crystal clear presentations, detailed explanations, coding challenges and a full professional real-life project.

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What you’ll learn

  • Go from Zero Skills to a job ready JavaScript Developer
  • Learn JavaScript fundamentals as well as to advanced concepts.
  • Master tricky JS concepts like Closures, Execution Contexts, Scope, etc.
  • Understand how JavaScript works behind the scenes.
  • Master the modular design pattern and use it to write professional and well-structured code.
  • New ES6 features: Template literals, Arrow Functions, Classes, etc.
  • Build a fantastic fully functional typing test app.
  • Secure a JavaScript Developer Job
  • Downloadable Source Code for all projects

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