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The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2023

Excel, Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Business Analysis, Financial Math, PowerPoint: Everything is Included!

The Complete Financial Analyst Course is the most comprehensive, dynamic, and practical course you will find online. It covers the following topics, fundamental for every aspiring financial analyst:

  • Microsoft Excel for beginner and intermediate users — become proficient with the world’s #1 productivity software
  • Accounting, financial statements, and ratios — making sense of debits and credits, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, liquidity, solvency, profitability, and growth ratios
  • Finance basics — interest rates, financial math calculations, loan calculations, time value of money, present and future value of cash flows
  • Business analysis — understanding what drives a business, essential items to be analyzed, the importance of industry cycles, important drivers for the business of start-up, growth, mature and declining companies, industry KPIs
  • Capital budgeting — decide whether a company’s project is feasible from a financial perspective and compare different investment opportunities
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for beginner and intermediate users — The #1 tool for a visual representation of your work, a necessary skill for every financial analyst

This complete bundle ensures you receive the proper training for each critical aspect.

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What you’ll learn

  • Work comfortably with Microsoft Excel
  • Format spreadsheets professionally
  • Perform routine tasks quicker
  • Create professional charts in Microsoft Excel
  • Efficiently work with vast amounts of data
  • Understand accounting and bookkeeping principles
  • Build a company’s P&L from scratch
  • Create a company’s balance sheet
  • Perform Financial statement analysis
  • Calculate liquidity, solvency, profitability, and growth ratios to analyze a company’s performance
  • Understand 10-K reports
  • Assess whether a project is feasible via the net present value (NPV) technique
  • Calculate a complete loan schedule
  • Know the difference between variable and fixed interest rates
  • Perform industry analysis
  • Realize what drives a company’s value
  • Know how to analyze a business
  • Work comfortably with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Create professional company presentations in PowerPoint
  • Become a successful Financial Analyst – if you follow the course entirely!

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