The Complete Cypress 10+ Course From Zero to Expert!

The Complete Cypress 12+ Course: From Zero to Expert!

Write Automated UI & API test scripts using JavaScript or TypeScript (E2E Testing Type).

You will learn Cypress Automation Basics (E2E testing type only) from scratch with multiple scenarios and good practices. Just JavaScript basic knowledge is necessary. I will develop examples using TypeScript, but If you understand JavaScript, you’ll be capable to understand and develop your first TypeScript scripts with my support.

Cypress test framework is becoming one of the BEST web automation frameworks to setup your test automation scripts for E2E testing and Component testing. It is a great tool because is pretty easy to install, maintain, and write test scripts. Also, you can easily configure it with the most known CI/CD tools in the market. Learn Cypress Test Automation Today!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Cypress from scratch based on official documentation
  • Automatic Waiting Functionality Explained
  • UI Testing & Selector Strategies
  • API Testing with Token & Recommend Assertion Types
  • Cucumber BDD Template Project + Reports
  • Github Actions & Parallel Execution + Cypress Dashboard
  • + content soon

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