The Complete Chatbot Course Using Rasa - Python - NLP

The Complete Chatbot Course Using Rasa – Python – NLP

Learn to Deploy advanced chatbots on Facebook and Telegram using the Deep Learning powered Rasa Framework!

The course is designed to teach you how to create a chatbot which can help users with suggestions of laptops and phones from amazon right from the creation of first file to the deployment on platforms like Facebook and Telegram.

Learn the most flexible and fastest growing Chatbot Framework out there! Rasa is an open source framework which doesn’t charge you anything! What makes Rasa standout when compared to all the bots out there is its flexibity, it provides very solid inbuilt frameworks with options to customize the entire chatbot module. Keep all your User data on your cloud premise without sharing with any third parties (which is really important given the current data policies and growing privacy concerns!).

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What you’ll learn

  • Build a Chatbot from Scratch using Python
  • Learn about the Rasa Framework
  • Deploy your chatbot on the Cloud
  • Connect your chatbot to Facebook, Telegram
  • Learn how to use Custom Models
  • Learn Rasa NLU to understand user inputs
  • Learn Rasa Core for Dialogue Management of the Users
  • Learn how to handle Small talk
  • Learn how to use in-built Deep learning models or Bring your own Model in Rasa NLU
  • Map your domain to your Rasa Server

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