The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2023 - Data Querying Essentials

The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2023 – Data Querying Essentials

Learn to query databases using MySQL. A must-have skill for users of data in any industry! Go from beginner to expert

Welcome to The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2023 – Data Querying Essentials! In this course we will be using one of the most popular databases in the world called MySQL and it is no doubt one of the most highly in-demand skills in the business sector today. With huge companies such as Twitter, Udemy, Airbnb, Uber and Dropbox using MySQL, you are learning SQL with a very powerful database option that you will install on your own machine. Furthermore, the skills you learn are highly transferable to other database platforms with a whole section dedicated to showcase the high level differences. You will no doubt become an SQL pro.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to query data from databases using SQL on your own machine and within your own database
  • Learn fundamental SQL syntax that enables you to query database tables in any way imaginable
  • Learn about Data Aggregations and perform them using SQL (SUM / COUNT / MIN / MAX / AVERAGE / GROUP BY / HAVING)
  • Learn how to join multiple tables in a variety of ways – (LEFT / RIGHT / INNER / FULL / UNION / UNION ALL / INSERSECT / MINUS)
  • Learn database management techniques – (CREATE / REPLACE / UPDATE / DELETE)
  • Learn how to work with Date information (extracting, filtering, formatting)
  • Learn how to generate your own columns of data within a result set
  • Learn about Arithmetic & Comparison operators
  • Learn how to create Temporary Tables, Common Table Expressions, Subqueries, Derived Tables & Views
  • Learn about in-built functions (String / Numeric / Date / Comparison / Window)
  • Learn how to create Conditional Statements (CASE / WHEN / THEN)
  • Learn how SQL can be used in other software and languages such as Tableau, Python and Alteryx
  • Learn how to use MySQL Workbench to manage your data
  • Learn how to use SQL to perform data analysis
  • All the skills required to add SQL to your CV / Resume
  • Learn how to implement Triggers & Loops using SQL
  • Learn about SQL cursors with examples
  • Learn how to create Stored Procedures and Stored Functions
  • Learn about the differences between MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite and Oracle

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