Tech Explorations™ KiCad Like a Pro 2nd edition

Tech Explorations™ KiCad Like a Pro 2nd edition

Learn the world’s favourite open-source PCB design tool with the world’s most comprehensive course

Welcome to KiCad Like a Pro, 2nd edition, from Tech Explorations, a course that can help you learn how to design custom Printed Circuit Boards using KiCad version 5. KiCad is an open source and free tool that you can use to design your own PCBs. It is perhaps the world’s most popular (and, in my opinion, the best) computer-aided design tool for making printed circuit boards.

It’s the perfect tool for electronics engineers and hobbyists alike. PCBs are, perhaps, the most undervalued component of modern electronics. We use PCBs to hold in place and interconnect the various components that make virtually all electronic devices work.

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What you’ll learn

  • Covers KiCad version 5
  • Printed Circuit Board design using KiCad
  • Single, double, and multi-layer board design
  • The PCB design process
  • The schematic design process
  • The layout design process
  • How to create a schematic design
  • How to associate schematic symbols to footprints
  • How to create the layout of a PCB
  • PCB basic concepts, such as edge cuts, copper fills, mounting holes, soldermask, silkscreen, traces etc.
  • A detailed knowledge of the KiCad CAD application (its apps, configuration, toolbars, menus, project files etc.)
  • Project-based learning through four projects to ensure mastery of the topics taught

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