Tableau 2022 A-Z Hands-On Tableau Training for Data Science

Tableau 10: Training on How to Use Tableau for Data Science Course

Learn Tableau 2022 for data science step by step. Real-life data analytics exercises & quizzes included. Learn by doing!

Learn data visualization through Tableau 2022 and create opportunities for you or key decision-makers to discover data patterns such as customer purchase behaviours, sales trends, or production bottlenecks. You’ll learn all of the features in Tableau that allow you to explore, experiment with, fix, prepare, and present data easily, quickly, and beautifully. Use Tableau to Analyse and Visualize Data So You Can Respond Accordingly, Connect Tableau to a Variety of Datasets, Analyse, Blend, Join, and Calculate Data, Visualize Data in the Form of Various Charts, Plots, and Maps, Convert Raw Data into Compelling Data Visualizations Using Tableau 2022

What you’ll learn

  • Install Tableau Desktop 2022
  • Connect Tableau to various Datasets: Excel and CSV files
  • Create BarCharts
  • Create Area Charts
  • Create Maps
  • Create Scatterplots
  • Create Pie charts
  • Create Tree maps
  • Create Interactive Dashboards
  • Create Storylines
  • Understand Types of Joins and how they work
  • Work with Data Blending in Tableau
  • Create Table Calculations
  • Work with Parameters
  • Create Dual Axis Charts
  • Create Calculated Fields
  • Create Calculated Fields in a Blend
  • Export Results from Tableau into PowerPoint, Word, and other software
  • Work with Timeseries Data (two methods)
  • Creating Data Extracts in Tableau
  • Understand Aggregation, Granularity, and Level of Detail
  • Adding Filters and Quick Filters
  • Create Data Hierarchies
  • Adding Actions to Dashboards (filters & highlighting)
  • Assigning Geographical Roles to Data Elements
  • Advanced Data Preparation (including latest updates in Tableau)

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