Supabase From Scratch: Serverless Database Backend with JS

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Supabase From Scratch: Serverless Database Backend with JS

Supabase From Scratch: Serverless Database Backend with JS

Concise tutorial on using REST API, Javascript and React for serverless database and authentication using Supabase

Do you want to focus on frontend and on providing the best possible experience for your clients without having to worry about the backend database management and authentication systems? If so, “no-backend” and serverless are what you are looking for.

The latest trend in web development is the move away from managing your own backend servers to something called no-backend where the backend is cloud-based and managed for you automatically. Firebase is the most famous stack that does this but it is proprietary and you risk getting vendor-locked and stuck with it in the future. An open-source to Firebase is Supabase. It is an open-source stack that will enable you to create frontends without having to worry about repeated things like authentication and database backup, maintenance, and security.

You can start using Supabase with their Free Tier immediately and you get access to a pretty sweet deal without having to pay anything!

In this course, we will use this free tier and set up projects for learning Supabase in the shortest amount of time possible.

You’ll learn how to add services such as basic insert/update/delete operations as well as setting up real-time databases, authentication, and row-level security (RLS) into your projects with ease.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the philosophy of Supabase and you would be able to dive even deeper into your particular use case. This is supposed to be the first step in your journey towards managed backends. This is not a comprehensive guide to everything. Take this first step and the rest of the stuff will be much, much easier for you.

What you’ll learn

  • Find out why no-backend and serverless are such a great idea
  • Start using Supabase for no-backend
  • Connect through curl, REST API and Vanilla Javascript
  • Learn how to connect react to Supabase
  • Get Exceptional Support. All questions answered within 24 hours!

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