Spring Boot: Learn Spring Boot From Scratch

Spring Boot: Learn Spring Boot From Scratch

Learn Rest, JDBC, Database, Maven and all other details of Spring Boot with this course and become Spring Boot master

We designed this course for anyone who wants to understand and develop production-ready Spring Applications with minimum configurations. This course explores major features of Spring Boot such as Spring Boot Starters, Auto Configuration, Beans, Actuator and more.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build awesome Web Applications using Spring Boot
  • Learn every fundamental details of Spring Boot Framework
  • Learn Environment Setups
  • Spring Boots Development Tools
  • Create a datasource in Spring Boot
  • Test Rest Methods Programmaticaly
  • Learn Using JDBC with Spring Boot
  • Maven Build and Dependency Management
  • Create Executable Jar File
  • YAML and Java Based Configuration
  • Spring Boot and Web MVC
  • Working with JSP Technology
  • Rest Services
  • JDBC Query Basics
  • Spring Test Modules
  • Learn to use testing features of Spring Boot

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