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Self-Driving and ROS – Learn by Doing! Odometry & Control Course

Create a Self-Driving robot and learn about Robot Localization and Sensor Fusion using Kalman Filters

Would you like to build a real Self-Driving Robot using ROS, the Robot Operating System? Would you like to get started with Autonomous Navigation of Robot and dive into the theoretical and practical aspects of Odometry and Localization from industry experts. The philosophy of this course is the Learn by Doing and quoting the American writer and teacher Dale Carnegie

Learning is an Active Process. We learn by doing, only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind. In order for you to master the concepts covered in this course and use them in your projects and also in your future job, I will guide you through the learning of all the functionalities of ROS both from the theoretical and practical point of view.

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What you’ll learn

  • Create a Real Self-Driving Robot
  • Mastering ROS, the Robot Operating System
  • Implement Sensor Fusion algorithms
  • Simulate a Self-Driving robot in Gazebo
  • Develop a Controller
  • Odometry and Localization
  • Kalman Filters and Extended Kalman Filter
  • Probability Theory
  • Differential Kinematics
  • Create a Digital Twin of a Self-Driving Robot
  • Master the TF library

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