Search Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence with Java

Search Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence with Java

This Artificial Intelligence Course Teaches Theory, Implementation, and Applications With Robot Path Planning

One area in Java development that is extremely hot right now is Artificial Intelligence. Java developers who understand how to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs, or use the concepts in their projects, are in extremely high demand, and because there is only a relatively low number of Java developers who know and understand how to add AI to their projects, these skilled Java AI developers can command huge salaries. This course gives you the chance to join this small pool of well paid developers.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn the core skills needed to become proficient with AI in Java in just 10 hours.
  • Obtain a fundamental understanding of AI and its practical use in Java.
  • Learn the most fundamental Artificial Intelligence search techniques.
  • Learn how to use different search methods to solve robot path planning problems and design a web crawler.
  • Learn how to apply the various AI techniques into your own projects.

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