SAS Programming Complete Learn SAS and Become a Data Ninja

SAS Programming Complete: Learn SAS and Become a Data Ninja Course

SAS Data Step. SQL STEP. Macros. SAS Model Building. Predictive Analytics. SAS and Machine Learning.

SAS Programming Complete is perfect for the beginner but also delves into more intermediate topics. For example, you will learn how to develop a SAS model (predictive model). This will give you experience with SAS and machine learning. If you are using SAS Enterprise Guide, and you want to learn how to code/program instead of using the point and click interface, this course is ideal! If you are interested in SAS Model building, the course has an introduction to the topic.

The first part of the course utilizes the Data step, 2nd part looks at SAS SQL, the third part looks at the Macro Programming/Programs. As an addition, I have added a section on SAS Predictive Modeling using Logistic Regression. Here we will build a SAS Model. In other words, we will build a predictive model (also known as Predictive Analytics) while following critical principles to ensure we get things right.

While the course is for beginners, it is comprehensive in nature and covers some advanced topics. This allows students who have previous experience to get benefits from the course as well. Furthermore, since you get the course for LIFE, you can use it as a resource at any time.

What you’ll learn

  • Discover the data step, the primary way to program in SAS.
  • Discover the proc step, a more specialized kind of processing that is utilized for more particular tasks.
  • Apply SAS SQL, the SAS interpretation of SQL.
  • Learn techniques to decrease the amount of code you have to type, and learn to deal with big data.
  • Grow your skill by learning how to create a SAS model for advanced analytics.
  • Obtain skills needed to pass SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming exam.

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