Rust: Building Reusable Code with Rust from Scratch

Rust: Building Reusable Code with Rust from Scratch

Use generics, traits, and macros to write clean and reusable Rust libraries that are easy to understand and maintain

Rust is a systems programming language with a focus on safety, especially safe concurrency, supporting both functional and imperative paradigms, syntactically similar to C++, but its designers intend it to provide better memory safety while still maintaining performance.

With this hands-on, practical course, you’ll begin from scratch by getting familiar with the basic syntax and concepts of Rust, defining functions and creating variables & much more. Then you’ll learn to test your code by building a simple crate with a tested, usable, well-documented API using Cargo & RustDoc. Next, you will work with different forms of code reuse, loops, map, filter and fold to save time and resources & to use your code in a reusable manner in your apps.

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What you’ll learn

  • This course is aimed at developers, C/C++, Rust & System developers who are familiar with programming and want to learn how to code in Rust and re-use Rust code and libraries from scratch.

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