Ruby on Rails REST API: The Complete Guide

Ruby on Rails REST API: The Complete Guide

Create complete REST-ful API application using Test Driven Development!

In this course, you’ll know how to create professional API application in Ruby on Rails with TDD! You probably heard about a popular trend to create web applications with a split API and frontend parts. Having a pure API application allows you to hook up ANY frontend you will ever wish. Knowledge about creating pure API applications is necessary for modern microservice architectures for REALLY BIG projects!

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What you’ll learn

  • Create modern Ruby on Rails API applications with the best practices.
  • Create backend for a LinkLog application, similar to RubyFlow.
  • Be an expert with TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Authenticate users using their logins and encrypted passwords!
  • Authorise your applications using Social Media as a leverage to get registered users!
  • Integrate application with Github using oAuth!
  • Write micro services that you can hook up anything into!
  • You will be able to get a job on those professions: Ruby on Rails developer, backend developer!
  • Find and Kill any bugs in your Rails applications
  • Test application responses in a very convenient way
  • Authorise requests and manage access
  • Write automatic tests like the best developers do every single day
  • Write REAL applications that actually works
  • Deploy application so it will be publicly available
  • Work with database relationships and manage related objects
  • Master CRUD ( create, read, update, destroy ) with REST API
  • Serialise responses using the most popular format
  • Continue and improve your skills even after the course ends using communication channels and resources!

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