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Roblox Studio 2023: Lua / Luau Scripting & Modeling Basics

Learn the basics in ROBLOX Studio and the Lua syntax in order to create games!

This course will highlight the many important tools in ROBLOX studio you’ll need to know to become a ROBLOX developer! You will learn how to script games, create tools, create game passes, save player data, and much more. If you’ve always wanted to make games on ROBLOX, but didn’t know where to begin, then this course is for you! This course is for beginners or those who’ve already dabbled in ROBLOX studio and may need more help, no prior experience in programming is required! ROBLOX game development can be highly rewarding, as over $500 MILLION dollars (USD) have been paid out to creators and developers in 2021.

This course will first show you the essential tools of studio, then we’ll learn the syntax of Luau to start scripting. We will get to understand the client-server communication model and go over how to communicate between scripts using remote events/functions. We’ll learn how to create tools, how to animate, and how to utilize the many services the ROBLOX API has to offer! This course is designed to be somewhat professional, so feel free to listen to music in the background as you get to learn ROBLOX game development.

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What you’ll learn

  • Become competent in Lua / Luau scripting!
  • Be able to solve and debug problems in your scripts.
  • Understand and use ROBLOX studio efficiently.
  • Understand and utilize the many services available to scripters from the ROBLOX API.
  • Plan out and create ROBLOX games.
  • Store and retrieve player data in DataStoreService.
  • Understand the Client-Server communication model.
  • Create and script your first game!
  • Once you learn one programming language, you can learn them all!
  • Get support in the Q&A section!

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