Rich message Business Chatbots in Angular 8 with Dialogflow

Rich message Business Chatbots in Angular 8 with Dialogflow

Build your business chatbot with DialogFlow and angular 8 with rich support of messages like Google Assistant and Slack

DialogFlow supports richmessage on many well-known platforms like Hangouts, Google assistant, Messanger, Slack but not on plain HTML (as of date). So I tweaked text message response (as custom payloads are not received on angular/JS cf lients) and parsed as custom message objects to operate like rich messages

Here we support plain text messages, Images, Videos, WebUrl, Audio Url, Document Urls, Options (Chips), action forms, actions etc.

  1. With this course you will learn how we can build the angular 8 chatbot application from scratch.
  2. We will together define how to define message structures, models on angular and processing them here
  3. We will integrate the user information form on-the-fly when message of the same type send by bot
  4. You will learn streamlined design of this complex problem and can design the one with your requirements
  5. Build your own customized chatbots with this tutorial and make your customers feel attended all the time

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn about how we can use the text client in your HTML and JS bots.
  • DialogFlow supports many rich message platforms but building your own is quiet difficult for you
  • Lets learn about integrating the option chips, images, videos, webUrls with your DialogFlow
  • Support multiple tweaking and designing support of rich chips with different types of webURLs
  • Add Call me, email me, LinkedIn, support links to your messages
  • Attach your backend for analysis

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