REST API with Java JAX-RS. Create and Deploy to Amazon Cloud

* Create REST API with JAX-RS and Jersey * Build Restful Web Service * Deploy to AWS * Implement CRUD with Hibernate *

This is a very practical video course aimed at beginner Java developers to help them build their very first RESTful Java Web Service with JAX-RS and Jersey framework as well as implement features

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What you’ll learn

  • Install Java, Netbeans IDE, Postman, MySQL Service and Apache Tomcat on local Mac computer
  • Learn to send HTTP Requests with Postman client
  • Use Netbeans to write Java code
  • Create Java Project with Maven
  • Configure Hibernate framework to persist Java objects in MySQL database
  • Build RESTful Java Web Services with JAX-RS and Jersey framework
  • Startup AWS EC2 Linux Server in Amazon Cloud
  • Configure AWS EC2 Instance Firewall
  • Connect to AWS EC2 Instance via SSH
  • Create MySQL database and users
  • Install MySQL Server and Apache Tomcat on AWS EC2 Linux Server
  • Deploy RESTful Java Web Service to a remote AWS EC2 Linux Server
  • Implement Email Verification with AWS SES(Simple Email Service)

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