Regular Expressions for Beginners and Beyond With Exercises

Regular Expressions for Beginners and Beyond! With Exercises

Learn regular expression fundamentals, or expand your existing skills

Regular expressions have a bad reputation for being difficult to understand. With the right tools and a patient systematic approach, however, you can unlock their power and use them to write compact, elegant code. The course has 44 examples in the course of the lectures, each written out on different platforms (JavaScript / Python / Linux (grep)) in the course repository. Each regular expression is fully commented and has test cases to show how it’s intended to be used, so these are a great starting point if you like to “code by example” — start with an example you know works and tweak it for your purposes. There are also 46 exercises using Udemy’s code challenge platform. You are given a description of a regular expression, and then you write it using your choice of JavaScript or Python syntax.

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What you’ll learn

  • Basic regular expression syntax
  • Tokens representing classes of characters
  • Using flags and greedy vs. lazy to fine-tune your regular expressions
  • Using groups for more advanced searching, plus replacing parts of strings
  • Lookahead and Lookbehind
  • All examples and exercises provided in JavaScript, Python and grep

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