React Native Router Build Mobile Apps With React and Expo

React Native Router: Build Mobile Apps With React and Expo

Learn React, React Native and React Router to build native IOS and Android apps with Expo project in this React course

Welcome to React Native Router: Build Mobile Apps With React and Expo course. React-Native is a library developed by the React team and it is widely used to create mobile applications for both Android and IOS. It combines the native developers which we need to create mobile apps with React which is one of the best JavaScript libraries to create a user interface.

In this React course, we are going to tell you what dependencies you need to install and how in detail, to be able to create mobile apps on both MAC and Windows. We are going to use free tools and platforms so you don’t have to buy any tool or app. You are going to learn how to run an Android and IOS simulator on your MAC or Windows computer. Besides with Expo app, you will be able to run your apps on your own mobile device as well.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn React Native Router
  • Set up our virtual environment to be able to practice
  • Install React-Native dependencies for both MAC and Windows
  • Run Android and IOS simulator on computer
  • Expo installation
  • Run Expo App on Mobile Device
  • JSX syntax and expressions
  • ES6 syntax
  • See the content on the simulator
  • Styling with React-Native and flex-box rules
  • Send an HTTP request to a remote API
  • State and Props systems
  • Reusable components
  • Reach another app on the phone from the React-Native app
  • React Navigation Library
  • Route Between Different Screens
  • Data Transfer Between Different Screens with React Navigation
  • No prior React and React-Native knowledge required
  • To enroll React Native Router course JavaScript + HTML + CSS fundamentals are absolutely required but you don’t need to be an expert
  • Basics of React, React-Native, React-Navigation libraries

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