React Hooks

Learn React Hooks: Boost Your Career with Modern React Skills

Learn the future of creating React apps today!

React Hooks are a groundbreaking feature in React that fundamentally change the way we create React applications. This course will give you everything you need to learn and be effective with the latest features of React Hooks. Start using the latest and greatest features in React right now with React Hooks!

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What will we cover in this course?

  • How to use and be effective with the major hooks (useState, useEffect, useReducer, useContext, useRef)
  • Understand in-depth how each of these hooks work and what they replace (according to our class components)
  • See how to replace state management libraries like Redux with the useReducer Hook
  • Remove the need to pass data around using props with React Context and the useContext Hook
  • How to fetch data with async / await functions with the useEffect hook
  • How to effectively manage state in function components with the useState Hook
  • Working with / manipulating React elements using the useRef Hook
  • See how to create your own custom hooks for your own purposes and individual applications
  • How to work with external / browser APIs using React Hooks
  • Learn the TailwindCSS Framework to rapidly style your React apps
  • Use the Global Serverless Deployment tool Now to deploy our API and final project
  • And much more…

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how React Hooks work in-depth
  • Build impressive, real-world applications with React Hooks
  • Use React Hooks in place of previous libraries and patterns (i.e. Redux, Higher Order Components, etc.)

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