React & Firebase Code & Deploy a Realtime App in 90 Minutes

React & Firebase: Code & Deploy a Realtime App in 90 Minutes

Build and deploy a complete fullstack app made with React, Firestore, Firebase Auth, Storage + Hosting in record time!

Build and deploy your own fullstack, serverless app with React and Firebase in an afternoon! 90% of programming courses spend 10+ hours covering every single detail of a technology, but never show you how to build anything with it. Welcome to a course based around a better, faster, more practical way to learn what you need to know. This was made from the ground up to respect your valuable time, with no fluff and lengthy explanations. We’ll dive right into using key technologies by building and deploying our own attractive, real-world project. You’ll be writing code every step of the way. You’ll learn powerful skills, best practices, and key insights all in a couple of hours, not weeks. And best of all, instead of having every single concept hand-fed to you, you will learn the most important skill of all: how to think and code like a professional developer.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to use React with Firebase (incl. Firestore, Auth, Storage, Hosting)
  • To write modern React apps with hooks in record time
  • How to write custom React hooks to add custom functionality to their app
  • Best practices for fetching data, using the useSWR hook from the swr library
  • How to build apps quickly (within an afternoon, not within weeks)
  • To build and deploy React projects to the web using Vite and Firebase Hosting

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