React and React Native Apps with NodeJs API for Web Mobile

React and React Native Apps with NodeJs API for Web & Mobile

JavaScript React React-Native Node MongoDB SocketIO Realtime Full Stack Web & Mobile (IOS Android) Developer Mega Course

In this course, you will learn to use React and React Native with NodeJs and MongoDB to build applications for web browsers and native mobile apps for IOS and Android devices. You will learn to build fully functioning app for web using react, react router v6, react hooks, react context and many other useful libraries from npm. You will also learn to build a complete login and registration system including password forgot and reset. You will learn to send emails, protect the pages from not logged in users and even learn to use SocketIo to make your application realtime.

You will also learn to build your own server/backend/api using NodeJs and MongoDB. You will be able to save your users in the database, save the content they create in mongo database and also issue json web tokens to authenticate your users. Finally you will learn to build a mobile app using react native, which will be able to run in both platforms, IOS and Android.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build web apps with react
  • Learn to build mobile apps with react-native
  • Learn to build API with NodeJs
  • Learn react router v6
  • Learn to use SockerIO for building realtime apps
  • Learn to build login/register/forgot and reset password system
  • Learn Mongo database
  • Learn to send emails using sendgrid
  • Learn state management using react context
  • Components based react project architecture
  • Learn to use react hooks and create custom hooks
  • Learn CRUD (create, read, update and delete)
  • Learn to use responsive masonary layout
  • Learn to use local storage
  • Learn to write middlewares and protect routes
  • Learn to secure pages from unauthorized users
  • Learn to add searching/filtering
  • Learn to add load more feature
  • Learn to use expo to build react native apps
  • Learn to see react native app preview in your phone and simulators
  • Learn about react native components
  • Learn to make HTTP (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) requests to your own API
  • Learn to use icons in react native
  • Learn to use react navigation in react native apps
  • Learn to protect screens from unauthorized users
  • Learnt o use footer tab navigation
  • Learn to add hundreds of real world features in react, react-native and NodeJs apps

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