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Python 3: Fundamentals Course

Learn Python the right way!

This course balances theory and coding practice. Most subjects are two-part: a theory (or lecture) video where we cover a specific topic, explain how things work, followed by a practice (or coding) video which takes the lecture material and applies it using real code. I highly encourage you to take notes during the lectures, and code along with me during the coding videos – that’s the beauty of online videos – you can pause, rewind, speed up, slow down as you need! All the course slides (over 900 of them!) are available for download if you prefer that approach over taking your own notes.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Python fundamentals
  • Basic to advanced data types
  • Functional and Object Oriented programming
  • Closures and decorators
  • Datetime and timezone handling
  • Reading and writing text, CSV and JSON files
  • Making REST API requests
  • Fundamentals of NumPy
  • Fundamentals of Pandas
  • Fundamentals of Matplotlib

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