Python PCAP Pass Certified Associate in Python Programming

Python PCAP: Pass Certified Associate in Python Programming Course

Turn your basic Python into intermediate level Python skills and pass PCAP exam (Associate level)

In this course, you’ll learn intermediate-level Python 3 and you’ll get prepared for the Certified Associate in Python Programming exam (PCAP). You will need basic Python skills (entry-level PCEP exam knowledge) to start this course. I’ll show you how to install Python and all the necessary tools.

In the videos, we dive straight into the code to get you started as quickly as possible. You’ll get a chance to code along with me for the best learning experience. You’ll also get to write three practical programs to practice your skills.

There are 5 exam blocks when you sit the PCAP exam. Consequently, this course has 5 main modules, each one focusing on a different exam block. At the end of each module, you’ll have a chance to solve an exam quiz to check your skills. This course also comes with a mock PCAP exam at the very end. It will have the same format as your actual exam, with the same passing grade and time limit. It will show you what kinds of questions you can expect.

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What you’ll learn

  • Take the next step in Python: from beginner to intermediate level
  • Prepare for PCAP-31-0x exam
  • Get intermediate Python skills for Software Development, Data Science, Machine Learning etc.
  • Apply for entry-level Python jobs
  • Code along with me for real-life programming practice
  • Create three practical programs

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