Python Ninja - The Complete Beginner's Programing Guide 2020

Python Ninja – The Complete Beginner’s Programming Guide 2020

Become a Professional Python Developer! Start with the basics and all the way to mastering topics by solving exercises.

This course teaching you everything to get started with programming using Python Programming Language, this course is learning by doing, no long boring lectures, instead we will work on exercises where I will introduce all the concepts required. I have found that learning by doing is the best approach for learning and that’s what we are going to follow.

At the end of the course you will come out as a much stronger Python programmer and masters all your basic concepts. This course lays the basic foundation for your programming journey, this is a course which I wished I had when I was learning.

There are hundreds of exercises in this course to make you really stronger and retain concepts in a much better way, and I hope you have a fabulous journey on the way.

Initially we will get our system ready for python by installing Python 3 and Visual Studio Code, then we will proceed to different sections, each section consists of a dedicated topic. The recommended order of learning is from top to bottom, progressive sections built on concepts learned in the previous sections.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn programming using Python 3.
  • Foundational concepts in programming.
  • Classes with Object Oriented Programming.
  • Practise with hundreds of exercises.
  • Pythonic way of solving problems.
  • Fundamental approach towards problem solving in programming.
  • Learn how to write professional python documentation.
  • Learn how to start using optional static typing in Python.
  • Magic Methods.
  • Doctest.

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