Python Car Advisor App Real World Data Science Mega Project

Python Car Advisor App: Real World Data Science Mega Project

Data Analysis knowledge evolves into a programming skill. Develop an unbeatable cyber car dealer using SCRAPY and PANDAS

‘Python Car Advisor App: Real World Data Science Mega Project’ is the course, where you will experience your data science knowledge evolving into a practical programming skill that creates solutions for real-world.

This course is not a ‘teach-practice-test’ course, where one goes through each command and have it explained and practiced through ‘theoretical’ or ‘real world like’ examples of small scope. This course is your next step. It will show you that as you try to increase your breadth of knowledge thru new things, often it is more about digging deep into existing knowledge. In other words, it is not always about gaining new knowledge, but really rediscovering your existing knowledge and exploiting it, making it, ‘a skill that can solve’.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to apply Data Science for real world problem solving, a MUST_KNOW for all developers
  • Create the backend of a universal Car-Advisor Application, that recommends best deals in car ads
  • Go through an entire development process of a Data Science Mega Project, from problem definition to final product
  • Merge Web Scraping+Data Analysis using SCRAPY+PANDAS super-combo to solve a real-world problem

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