OpenGL and GLSL fundamentals with C++ (practical course)

OpenGL and GLSL fundamentals with C++ (practical course)

Master the OpenGL and GLSL shading language – by writing code! Illustrated theory and practice (from basics to advanced)

Welcome to my practical and well-illustrated OpenGL, GLSL and computer graphics course!

It is designed to give you an easy and visual introduction to the amazing world of computer graphics (using OpenGL, GLSL and C ++). This course is designed to start from the very beginning – and gradually move on to more advanced topics, like shaders, matrices, transformations, GLSL language, raster effects, texturing and shading.

In fact, the course is very easy to master. Because it is practical, visual and well illustrated – to help you develop the visual intuition of a 3D programming models (so I developed some beautiful illustrations and visualizations – just to show you how things work “under the hood”)

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn OpenGL and GLSL
  • Explore the modern rendering pipeline and shaders
  • Feed the vertex data – to buffers (VBO) and setup the buffer formats
  • Play with Shaders and GLSL
  • Make fun procedural computer graphics
  • Learn 3D transformations: rotation, scale and perspective projection
  • Load and draw textures (sprites)
  • Render the 3D geometry

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