NodeJS - Complete Guide to Building Data Driven Applications

NodeJS – Complete Guide to Building Data Driven Applications

Build Real World Web Apps Using Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and more.

According to the latest StackOverFlow survey NodeJS is the most popular framework in software development. NodeJS is in high demand and JavaScript developers who have NodeJS in their tool-belt earns high salary. This course is designed to teach you all the important parts of the NodeJS framework by building real world, data driven applications. After completing this course you will be ready to build full stack web applications using NodeJS and JavaScript.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn to create NodeJS applications
  • Integrate Node ExpressJS apps with PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Learn ORM and SQL to perform CRUD operations
  • Implement server side pages using Mustache template engine
  • Develop JSON Web API and consume it in a JavaScript application
  • Build 3 real world projects from start to finish

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