NodeJS API Development with Express MongoDB and Mongoose

NodeJS API Development for Absolute Beginners Course

Learn NodeJS Express MongoDB and Mongoose from scratch and develop applications and APIs real fast

In this NodeJS API Development for Absolute Beginners course you would learn NodeJS from scratch, Express framework, MongoDB database and Mongoose and develop API s using them. I have designed the curriculum to get you started with practical coding examples right from the beginning. So whether you want to start of your career with web-technologies or make a career switch, this course is just right for you.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand NodeJS basics and its concepts of asynchronous programming
  • Build Applications in Node to interact with the file system, databases and http
  • Get a good grasp of core NodeJS modules, several NPM modules and build apps using it
  • Understand Express framework that serves as a foundation for API Development
  • Learn MongoDB database and create a database server on your computer
  • Connect to MongoDB database using NodeJS and build a simple API
  • Use MongooseJS to interact with MongoDB and enhance your API
  • Build and test an API using Node, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose
  • Put the Node API under Git version control
  • Deploy the Node API to a cloud PaaS environment

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