Next JS with React - Build Personal App (Blogs & Portfolios)

Next JS with React – Build Personal App (Blogs & Portfolios) Course

Build a personal app with Next/React JS and Typescript. Blogs, portfolios, and search features. No 3rd party dependency.

This course covers creating a personal application (blogs, portfolios) without needing third-party dependencies – databases or cms. Create a personal app with search functionality deployed to Vercel. The course doesn’t explain Next Js/React Js specific functions.

This course will give you the confidence and skills required to start your project. You will build a personal application from scratch. You will learn how to write code in Typescript language – a superset of Javascript providing additional features and a static type checker.

The focus of this course is coding and not writing HTML content. The course starts with the preparation of the base layout of the application. All design – images, and content are provided by the instructor. After the layout is prepared, the students will work on the functionality to access and fetch the local data stored in markdown files.

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What you’ll learn

  • Get an understanding of how to create personal app in practical way
  • Create a complete portfolio/blog app
  • Present yourself with your content platform
  • Establish yourself in the field of the exciting Next and React web development environment

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