*NEW* AJAX fundamentals simply put

*NEW* AJAX fundamentals 2022 – simply put

Master AJAX using plain JavaScript. Learn the XHR object, Fetch API, Promises, HTTP, Streams, Async/Await & much more!

*Always Updated* + Get instant access to >11.5 hours of high quality videos, + Get access to downloaded resources, + Instructor support. Understanding web development is an ongoing process. To give you a foot up, I’ve gone all out to structure an all-encompassing, focused, AJAX course which I deliver to you in a way that will benefit you the most. You only need to know a little HTML and JavaScript. If you hardly know JavaScript, it may be beneficial for you to first do my JavaScript course.

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What you’ll learn

  • Master AJAX
  • Learn the fundamentals of AJAX without third party libraries
  • Practical examples and fun challenges to make learning easy
  • Become a fullstack developer by knowing how to send data to a server, listen for a response and do something with the data
  • Learn how to dynamically update a webpage without a page refresh
  • Become a pro at AJAX and learn about Streams, Promises, Event Loops and more!
  • Learn JSON and XML data formats (and the XML DomParser), and how you can use them with AJAX
  • Understand Promises
  • Learn about the Streams API
  • Learn about the latest techniques (such as the Fetch API) to make an AJAX request
  • Understand where AJAX came from and why it was invented
  • Understand the HTTP protocol and how browsers communicate with servers
  • Learn why we need to use the NEW keyword with the XHR object
  • Understand constructor functions
  • Master the XMLHttpRequest() object
  • Learn the differences between asynchronous and synchronous code
  • Learn how to handle errors with AJAX
  • Become and expert at using the Fetch API
  • From beginner to expert (advanced +)
  • Gain the knowledge to achieve and lead
  • Understand how to use Async & Await keywords with the newer Fetch API
  • Gives you depth of knowledge to boost your ability and confidence
  • … and a bunch more!

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