*NEW* AJAX beyond fundamentals

*NEW* AJAX beyond fundamentals

Practical and fun. HTTP Basic Authentication, CORS, Modules, how to create RESTful APIs. Master XHR, FETCH and AXIOS

This AJAX BEYOND FUNDAMENTALS course will teach you how to use AJAX in different ways, and also teach you how to solve common issues you’ll face when working with AJAX. Real life practical training. Even if you have little knowledge about AJAX, I’ve got you covered. Section 1 of this course provides a summary of AJAX. From section 2 we start building projects together and from Section 4 we start digging into advanced concepts like Basic Auth, CORS and servers.

Knowing advanced AJAX concepts is crucial if you want to become a serious fullstack developer, as it will allow you to make asynchronous HTTP requests and listen for incoming data from servers. AJAX can get tricky at times, and I don’t dispute this, but with correct training which includes explaining difficult concepts in a simple way, you will, like me, learn to master and love AJAX.

What you’ll learn

  • *Download lectures (for offline viewing)
  • Learn how to send authentication information using XHR and Fetch
  • What are RESTful APIs
  • How to use AJAX with XHR, Fetch and Axios
  • How to access JSON and text data from a server response
  • What is Apache and how it differs from Node
  • How to set up an Apache server, a PHP server and a Node server
  • Single-Origin-Policy vs CORS
  • Preflight vs Simple CORS requests
  • Basic HTTP Authentication using AJAX
  • How to allow cross-domain requests with AJAX
  • How to access XML data from a server response
  • What happens when an AJAX request arrives at the server
  • How a server can handle an AJAX request
  • How to use Postman to test your server side routes
  • How to use Nodemon to speed up your server side development process
  • ES Modules vs CommonJS modules
  • What are CORS errors, and how you can fix them
  • Practical – build awesome dynamic front-end AJAX examples with me
  • I am here to support you, step-by-step
  • From beginner to expert (advanced +)
  • You will emerge an expert
  • Gives you depth of knowledge to boost your ability and confidence to built dynamic websites

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