Neo4j 2021 Graph databases- Game of Thrones Edition

Neo4j 2022 Graph DB- Game of Thrones Real world Dataset Course

Learn, practice Neo4j & Cypher using fun GOT dataset| NoSQL Graph DB Foundations | Python Webserver(REST, Flask, py2neo)

Welcome to the complete neo4j-Cypher master course – GAMES OF THRONES EDITION. This fully updated course is the most comprehensive neo4j course to help guide you from zero to hero in learning neo4j. I designed this course to not only be your best resource for learning neo4j but also be the most enjoyable coding course out there- so the entire course is based on a fascinating game of thrones datasets. Neo4j is simple; learning how to be proficient with neo4j doesn’t require you to take courses that are 10 hours long. You can learn and apply the gist and most relevant and commonly used features of neo4j in under 2 hours!

What you’ll learn

  • Acquire the skills and understanding of Neo4j to confidently apply GraphDB to your projects
  • Learn to Use Python to Work with Neo4j
  • Data Modeling Patterns
  • Understand the LOAD CSV in Great Details and Learn to Import Real Life Data To Neo4j
  • Gain Beginner to Advanced Knowledge of Neo4j & Cypher Query Language
  • Learn to Use Neo4j Professionally, Navigate Through Graph and Gain Insight Into Your Data
  • Data Modeling Patterns
  • Complex Queries
  • Game Of Thrones Data Insights

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