MySQL Database Administration - SQL Database for Beginners

MySQL Database Administration: Beginner SQL Database Design

Learn Database Design with MySQL Workbench. SQL DBA for Beginners: A Relational Database Management System Introduction.

If you’re looking to develop practical, real-world analytics and BI skills, and learn how to create and maintain databases, you’ve come to the right place. This course is unlike anything you’ve seen before, guaranteed. We’ll start from the ground up, teaching you the tools to get the job done, and most importantly how to you apply your skills to real projects and learn how to truly think like a Database Administrator.

You’ll be playing the role of a Database Administration Consultant for Maven Consulting, a firm that helps businesses create, maintain, and optimize their databases. Throughout the course, you’ll be working directly with the owners of various companies to help them manage data in their new and scaling enterprises. You will use the skills you learn to complete actual projects that database administration professionals work on every day.

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What you’ll learn

  • Write SQL queries and use the MySQL Workbench UI to create databases and tables
  • Learn how to alter tables by adding and removing columns
  • Connect data between tables by creating primary and foreign key relationships
  • Assign user roles and permissions to database users, just like a real DBA
  • Solve practical hands-on assignments and real-world business use cases
  • Master unique tips, tools and case studies that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Understand common Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
  • Get LIFETIME access to resource files, quizzes, assignments, and expert support

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