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Modern JavaScript from The Beginning 2.0 – 2023 Revamp Course

A 36-hour master course to take you from beginner to advanced JavaScript.

This is a 36+ hour in-depth Modern JavaScript from The Beginning 2.0 – 2023 Revamp course that will take you from the absolute beginning of JavaScript, learning about data types, functions and loops to learning DOM manipulation, asynchronous JS with promises, async/await and much more. You will even learn how to write unit tests for algorithms. We go into how JavaScript works under the hood including execution context, the call stack, event loop, etc. We learn about Webpack tooling and how to create a modern development environment. At the end, we build a Node.js/Express API with a custom Webpack frontend.

All of the code in the learning modules will go into a folder called “JavaScript Sandbox”. This is so we can keep things organized and you can always refer back to it for any code snippets that you may need. All of the final and starter code for the projects is included as well as links to the GitHub Repos.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Fundamentals (Variables, Loops, Functions, etc.)
  • Learn How JavaScript Works (Execution Context, Call Stack, Async JS)
  • Master the Document Object Model & Events (Interactivity)
  • Asynchronous JavaScript (Callbacks, Promises, Fetch, Ajax)
  • OOP (Constructors, Prototypes, Classes)
  • Modern Tooling & Workflow (Webpack, Babel, File Structure, NPM, Plugins & Loaders)
  • Full Stack Project with Webpack, Node, Express & MongoDB
  • 5 Real World Projects & 10+ Mini-Projects

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