Modern Javascript for Beginners 2020 + Javascript Projects

Modern JavaScript for Beginners 2020 + JavaScript Projects

The ultimate beginner’s course for JavaScript – Learn Modern JavaScript for 2020 with a plenty of examples and projects.

JavaScript runs the web. It makes your website come alive. If you want to create magic with your websites or web apps, then you need JavaScript. Period. In this course, we hope to break down the beginner concepts of the JavaScript programming language into manageable parts so you can learn them fast and retain the concepts much longer. This course will be useful for both beginners to the world of programming and programmers who already know other programming languages. We’ll be teaching you the latest version of JavaScript (ECMAScript 2015 and above). Every concept is taught through a wealth of over-the-shoulder examples, so you understand the concepts better.

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What you’ll learn

  • A thorough introduction to the JavaScript programming language
  • Information storage using variables and constants (both ES5 & ES6 methods)
  • Using the console to debug your code, check errors and retrieve intermediate outputs.
  • Creating dynamic storages using variables and JavaScript’s different datatypes, including complex and simple ones
  • JavaScript’s strict mode and how it regulates your code
  • Type conversions in JavaScript (including NaN, undefined and null)
  • Various ways to show outputs and get inputs from the users.
  • Applying the various operators available in JavaScript on your strings, numbers and Boolean values
  • What are template strings (backticks) and when & how to use them?
  • Working with strings and applying the various pre-defined string methods available to you on them
  • Creating numbers and manipulating them with a range of pre-defined number methods
  • Creating conditions using the if and switch statements
  • Creating loops using the for, while and do while loops and applying the break and continue statements on them.
  • Creating both 1D and 2D arrays for varied storage and applying various pre-defined array methods on them
  • Working with dates and the Math object
  • Creating user-defined functions in JavaScript (including anonymous functions, return, this & self-invoking functions)
  • The basics of Object-Oriented JavaScript (Creating objects, their properties and methods and manipulating them) \
  • An introduction to JavaScript’s Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Retrieving various HTML elements and manipulating them
  • Manipulating the CSS styles of various elements
  • Using event handlers to create an action-reaction effect in your web pages.
  • Apply what you learn via various exercises, fun puzzles and real-world projects.

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