Mastering REST APIs in Node.js: Zero To Hero

Mastering REST APIs in Node.js: Zero To Hero

Master REST API architecture, design and development in Node.js

Have you ever wondered about how REST APIs work? Have you tried to understand all the components that are required to create REST APIs? Are you a developer coming from a Java/PHP/Perl/Python background but now interested in Node.js? Did you want to know how relational databases work? Or how NoSQL works? How are they different – or even similar?

Have you heard about JSON Web Tokens and token based authentication but wasn’t sure how they work? Have you heard the latest buzzword GraphQL but wondered how it works?

Look no further — this course answers all your questions! It teaches the very basics of REST APIs including its architecture and HTTP methods, to adding relational database and/or NoSQL support while also covering authentication via tokens as well as GraphQL. As a bonus, Section 10 (Appendix B) has an entire section on how to implement the REST API in an example application – including authentication for users.

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What you’ll learn

  • Architecting and designing a REST API from scratch
  • HTTP methods, HTTP verbs and HTTP status codes along with their use cases
  • Introduction to NoSQL (MongoDB) – including queries
  • Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL (MySQL)
  • ExpressJS – including route handling and middleware
  • How to secure a REST API using JWT
  • GraphQL essentials
  • Create an application to consume a REST API

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